Pat Sajak's Trivia GemsTM is a trivia game that raises the stakes for fun! Climb the pyramid, wagering on every question along the way based on your confidence in your answer. Find the Brain Buster and Patís Gem of a Question hidden on the pyramid path. Reach the top and double your money in the Final Bonus Round!

Climb the pyramid by answering trivia question triplets, but choose your steps carefully as you climb: each colored pyramid step is a different trivia category. You can wager on every question based on your confidence in your answer, so if youíre certain youíve got it right, bet big and youíll win big!

Watch for Patís Brain Busters and Gem of a Question, the surprise trivia challenges that give you a chance to multiply your winnings, as you make your way to Patís Power Gem at the top of the pyramid for one last opportunity to double your money!

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