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  Lucky LettersTM Online is easy to play. Simply:
– spin the slot machine and check out the clue
– look at the unfinished answer for that clue
– spot the one letter in the answer that has a lucky icon - that's the Lucky Letter
– complete the answer using the selection of letters shown in your player console
– solve the Lucky Letter and watch it spread through the puzzle
At the beginning of the game, you'll have an opportunity to pick several starter letters. Choose letters most commonly found in answers.

The Puzzle Round is the heart of the game. You get ten slot machine spins in this round. With every spin, you get a new pair of clues and answers. Use the Change Clue Button to select which of the clues you want to answer.

Every answer has a Lucky Letter. If you guess the Lucky Letter, that letter spreads through the puzzle and you win the Lucky Letter Bonus for EVERY LUCKY LETTER IN THE PUZZLE!  You also win an additional $1,000 when you correctly solve the clue.

During the Puzzle Round you may be presented with a Lucky Chance opportunity. Here, you are presented with a single clue and you get to decide what portion of your winnings you are willing to wager on solving the clue. Of course, you can pass on the clue and not wager at all, but you can also double your money if you are bold (and smart)!

The Lightning Round is where you will win or lose the game. If you have guessed well in the Puzzle Round, the Lightning Round may be a snap. If not, the pressure will be on.

In this round, your challenge is to complete the remainder of the puzzle in a limited amount of time. Clues and answers are presented one at a time. Every answer has a Lucky Letter. If you don't know an answer, use the Next Button to skip to another clue.

It's your choice. You can use your mouse to choose letters, click the Spin button, click the Change Clue button, etc. Or, you may use your keyboard to type letters and press the SPACEBAR to "Spin," "Change Clue," or trigger a "Next" in the Lightning Round. For skilled typists, the keyboard will probably be the best choice.